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    Behind the Scenes

    Here is an exclusive sneak-peek into what happens behind the scenes at LNOF… follow Matt and Will as they head down to a trade show to choose some new products for our online shop. This is truly riveting stuff.

    Destination of the Month: Amsterdam

    This month we are running a special Geordie Tours package deal, where we will send you on a Geordie Shore inspired weekend! For those of you that watched the crazy antics that those lunatics got up to in Amsterdam, you must be gagging to sample this city yourselves. How about a bit of Dutch mayhem for your own Last Night of Freedom! Check out the package here - http://www.lastnightoffreedom.co.uk/stag-packages/amsterdam/2786/geordie-tour/

    This awesome city is packed with culture and beautiful buildings by day, and the craziest nightlife you will encounter by night. Unapologetically sinful, you will have the time of your life. Leave your inhibitions behind  and prepare for a very memorable weekend!

    Some really, really Foul Fashion

    We’re excited to announce that Last Night of Freedom are pairing up with the awesome stag clothes brand Foul Fashion for March! So if you’re booking a stag weekend over the value of £500 you will get an amazing bundle of brilliantly horrible clothes to kit your unwitting stag and best man out in.

    This promotion is the best way to ensure your stag is well and truly stitched up… Just look what an idiot our buddy Sean looks…


    What a pants incentive

    The head honcho here at Last Night of Freedom Towers returned from a business trip to America yesterday. He came bearing gifts. Gifts of great beauty. These were offered as as a “prize” to the first two to make a sale this morning.

    Check out the lucky recipients of his generosity…

    Jason and Adam… suits you boys!

    New Year Madness

    It’s getting really busy in the Last Night of Freedom offices now, with everyone’s New Years Resolutions to get organised meaning we have had hundreds of new enquiries this week!

    Make sure you don’t miss out on your weekend by leaving it too late - get in touch and let us sort out the perfect weekend for you.

    Everyone hard at work in the LNOF sales office!

    Ho Ho Ho

    Looks like Santa has visited the Last Night of Freedom offices overnight… We’re all feeling very festive - hope you are too!

    Merry Christmas!

    It’s begining to look a lot like Christmas

    The snow has got us all in a festive mood today, so the LNOF elves have been busy decorating the office. We even got a high-profile celebrity guest in to switch on the Christmas lights… Oxford Street eat your heart out!

    (Yes, those are willy straws decorating our tree. If you fancy a quirky addition to yours too, then check them out in our online shop!)

    I ♥ LNOF

    We all had an excellent weekend. Last Night of Freedom organised the cocktail making brilliantly and we had a fab time! Highly recommended.


    Hen Location - Cardiff

    Location of the Month - Prague

    If you’re looking for a destination for your winter stag or hen weekend then check out Prague. Yes, it is freezing at this time of year but there are Christmas markets with steins full of beer and mulled wine waiting to warm you up.

    Nights out in Prague are like nowhere else, the Czechs are in a party mood and the city is stuffed with great bars and amazing clubs.

    It is also a city with an incredible history, and beautiful architecture, so if you can get out of bed the next morning you’re in for a treat. It looks even more picturesque on a frosty morning in winter, and the sub zero temperatures are a great hangover cure! Why not Czech out (oh no I didn’t…) the deals for this city that Last Night of Freedom have on offer.